Families, Labour and Love
Authors: Maureen Baker - Categories: Social Science - Published: 2001
A sociological analysis of family life in three 'settler' societies: Australia, New Zealand and Canada.
Sex, Love, and Marriage
Authors: Maurice A. Fetty - Categories: Religion - Published: 1998-01-01
Many voices are calling for the church to offer words of support and counsel to individuals and families who are working to maintain a stable
Lebensverläufe, Lebensbewältigung, Lebensglück
Authors: Helmut Fend, Fred Berger, Urs Grob - Categories: Social Science - Published: 2009-07-27
Wie bedeutsam ist die Lebensphase Jugend im Lebenslauf? Werden hier die sprichwörtlichen Weichen fürs spätere Leben gestellt oder ist sie nur eine "Durchgangsphase" ohne nachhaltige
Family-peer Relationships
Authors: Ross D. Parke, Gary W. Ladd - Categories: Social Science - Published: 1992
This volume provides an up-to-date overview of recent research concerning the links between family and peer systems. Considerable work in the past has focused on
Families in Society
Authors: McKie, Linda, Cunningham-Burley, Sarah, Jo Campling - Categories: Family & Relationships - Published: 2005-09-21
The changing nature of families, their enduring and multi-faceted significance in society, and their value as a focus for the exploration of social change have
Family Relationships in Later Life
Authors: Timothy H. Brubaker - Categories: Family & Relationships - Published: 1990
Directed towards researchers and practitioners in family studies and gerontology, this completely revised Second Edition of Family Relationships in Later Life provides an innovative new
Family-of-origin Therapy and Diversity
Authors: H. Russell Searight - Categories: Psychology - Published: 1997
Family-of-origin therapy is a psychodynamically oriented intervention approach developed by Murray Bowen and James Framo. Assessment and therapy focus on the multigenerational family history as
Healing Wounded Relationships
Authors: Martin Padovani - Categories: Religion - Published: 2006
Available January 2006 Genuine spirituality is rooted in our ability to be fully human, and nowhere is this more fully seen in our relationships with
Television and Dating in Contemporary China
Authors: Chao Yang - Categories: Social Science - Published: 2017-06-29
This book considers the changing nature of intimacy in contemporary China, providing a unique case study of romantic subjectivities in young people in the world’s
Family Relationships
Authors: Todd K. Shackelford - Categories: Family & Relationships - Published: 2008
'Family Relationships' brings together leading theorists and researchers from evolutionary psychology and related disciplines to illustrate the ways in which an evolutionary perspective can inform
Families and Forgiveness
Authors: Terry D. Hargrave - Categories: Religion - Published: 1994
Fueled by a fundamental belief in the strength and resourcefulness of families, Dr. Terry Hargrave sets forth a conceptual framework to help therapists and their
On the Borders of Love and Power
Authors: David Wallace Adams, Crista DeLuzio - Categories: History - Published: 2012
Embracing the crossroads that made the region distinctive, this book reveals how American families have always been characterized by greater diversity than idealizations of the
Identity and Repartnering After Separation
Authors: R. Lampard, K. Peggs - Categories: Social Science - Published: 2007-07-25
This book examines the lives and repartnering behaviour of former spouses and co-habitees, groups pivotal to recent marital change. Focusing on contemporary Britain, it examines
Same Sex Marriages
Authors: B. Heaphy, C. Smart, A. Einarsdottir - Categories: Social Science - Published: 2013-03-05
Based on extensive couple and individual interviews with young same sex couples who have legally formalized their relationships, this book argues that same sex marriages
Children and Their Families
Authors: Andrew Bainham, Bridget Lindley, Martin Richards, Liz Trinder - Categories: Law - Published: 2003-09
This book is concerned with the regulation of family relationships with particular reference to the issue of contact in the many different contexts in which